Where can you Get Medical Marijuana?

December 21, 2018
Writer: Alice Parker

You’ve decided to pursue medical cannabis therapy. You’ve spoken with a medical practitioner, been approved for and have a prescription for medical marijuana in Canada.  What now? Once you are approved for medical marijuana – the process is actually much easier than you think. But, despite popular belief – you cannot go to a dispensary or canna clinic to get your medical marijuana.


  1. Dispensaries stock marijuana for recreational use only
  2. Canna clinics do not stock medical marijuana on-site


While dispensaries offer great options for recreational use, they will not be able to help you get medical weed.  The desired health benefits you seek from medical grade marijuana differ considerably from using recreational weed. Canna clinics are merely physical clinics that provide cannabis information, so if you already have your prescription then there’s no reason to go to a canna clinic. Medical marijuana patients fill their prescriptions quickly and easily from your computer, mobile device or telephone. Like all health care in Canada and specifically – marijuana for medical purposes, the process is designed to reduce delay and unnecessary expense to patients and producers.


Getting medical marijuana in Canada is a well streamlined process – we’ve been doing it since 2001. With your medical marijuana prescription, you can choose 1 of 3 routes to get your cannabis.

  1. Register with a licensed producer and have your marijuana delivered to you.
  2. Grow your own.
  3. Designate someone to grow it for you.

The majority of patients choose the first option so we’ll focus on how to register with an LP. For more information about growing your own or designating a grower please see Is it legal to grow medical marijuana in Canada?

Step 1: Medical Document and Registration Forms to LP

Some medical marijuana patients deal with severe health impairments that make even the smallest jobs insurmountable. In our effort to remove all barriers to access – the Medscriptter team does this step for you. Once you’ve been approved for marijuana for medical purposes, your documents will be sent to the LP directly. The information contained in your medical document outlines your daily dosage, commencement date and expiry date along with vital information about desired health benefits. Our telemedicine platform completes this step quickly and confidentially.

If you are using Medscriptter, we do this step for you as well. Most canna clinics have you complete the provider’s registration application form then either you submit it or they might submit it on your behalf for a fee. Again, we strive to remove all barriers accessing medical weed for our patients so we complete this free of charge. The purpose of the registration form is to transmit logistic information to the LP so that they can register you and your corresponding medical requirements with their system. Once submitted – registration typically takes between 12 – 24 hours to complete. Once registration is confirmed the LP will contact you directly.

Step 2: Purchase Medical Marijuana

LP’s send an email with a customized link for your patient log in and information on how to fill your prescription.  Once you’ve confirmed your information this link tailors your account to fill your prescription as outlined in your medical documents. You can ask for help choosing from a variety of medical weed strains and marijuana products or you can choose for yourself. As you fill your dosage requirements, your profile will show you how much is remaining to purchase. This is important as it works as a balance sheet against your dosage so that you know you are operating within the guidelines of your medical requirements. Marijuana for medical purposes regulations are outlined in the Cannabis Act and it’s imperative that you abide by those guidelines. Most LP’s also offer the opportunity for you to sign up to receive updates on new products, strains and research studies at your discretion.

  • Medical marijuana licensed producers we love working with
  • CannaFarms
  • Canopy Growth
  • Peace Naturals
  • Spectrum Cannabis

Step 3: Finalize Shipping & Payment

LP location and preparation time will determine how quickly you will receive your medical marijuana.  Your medicine will be prepared and shipped in non-descript air-tight packaging that will further be protected with tamper-evident seals. You will need to sign for the shipment so ensure that the delivery accommodates a time that you are available. Payment will be requested and your order will be delivered by courier or post.

*Remember: Keep your receipts for medical marijuana to qualify for your full tax deduction from CRA


Medscriptter ensures that you’re not without correct medical documents. We regularly monitor upcoming prescription expiry and follow up to ensure that the therapy provided the desired health benefits and relief. Depending on a patient’s experience – we determine if any changes need to be made to your medical documents and can renew your prescription to guarantee access to your medicine.


Begin your application for medical marijuana today. Download Medscriptter