How to get a canna clinic membership in Toronto?

December 28, 2018
Writer: Alice Parker

In October 2018 recreational weed was legalized across Canada. Exactly one year prior, Canna Clinics in Toronto were subject to closure as the Ontario Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction for contravening zoning by laws. Not only did this injunction allow closure of the canna clinics but it also prohibits Canna Clinic Toronto and its directors from operating or selling marijuana in the city of Toronto. There was a hearing for permanent injunction scheduled for late December 2018 but no outcome has been reported. There were seven Canna Clinic locations in Toronto employing over 90 individuals – many of whom are facing substantial charges like possession for purposes of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Why would Canna Clinics in Toronto face such injunctions and, what many in the field regarded as, harassment? The City’s claims against the clinics zoning by-laws infringement were enough and at the time, the Supreme court found in favour of the City and the canna clinics were forced to close.  While we await the outcome of the hearing for a permanent injunction it’s important for medical marijuana patients to understand who they are working with. The laws surrounding Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canada were established long before the legalization in October 2018. However, the laws outlining recreational production and operations have muddied some of the waters.

If you live in Toronto or surrounding areas, there are a few canna clinic locations or recreational dispensaries that you might consider frequenting.  If this is too daunting then you can qualify to grow your own medical marijuana according to the parameters set out by Health Canada found here.


Or you might choose to forgo the physical locations entirely and join the online community. For many medical marijuana patients, this is the most convenient route. Once you have your prescription for medical marijuana its simply one more step of placing an order with one of Health Canada’s Licensed Producers and your medicine is shipped directly to you. As many canna clinics in Toronto, and across Canada, struggle to remain and operate within the changing laws of physical clinic locations there is another option for medical marijuana patients that ensures timely health care, prescription services and dosage fulfillment.

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