How to Apply for Medical Cannabis Using MedScriptter

March 7, 2019
Writer: Alice Parker

As a nation, Canadians have grown increasingly more reliant on the internet for all things. 75% of us spend over three hours online everyday with over 40% of our household purchases through internet retailers.  These are powerful numbers that extend into every facet of our lives.  From clothing and groceries to subscription services – we depend on the ease and convenience of our online providers. But for most medical cannabis patients it’s more than just convenience, it’s essential.  Applying for medical cannabis online is often the only way patients can access the medicine they need.  Whether they face mobility issues, suffer from muscle fatigue or simply do not have the resources to travel – Canadian patients are entitled to a supportive online community that can help them secure medical cannabis. MedScriptter was developed to provide a streamlined and compassionate service for medical cannabis patients to remove all barriers to access and availability.



Applying for Medical Cannabis

Know the Facts

The process to apply for a medical cannabis card in Canada is actually quite simple if you know where to find the appropriate resources.  Health Canada outlines the requirements but the approval is at the discretion of a health care provider.  The ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) used to regulate all access to medical marijuana but since legalization, the Cannabis Act replaced some of the mandates and also improved some previously overlooked facets of the medical marijuana sector.

There are numerous canna clinics located throughout Canada that will walk you through the process in person however, this is not required. Documents for medical cannabis patients can easily be acquired by using online consultation platforms, aka telemedicine.  As well, many Canadians have been misled to believe they must pay for consultation services or memberships in order to apply to become a medical marijuana patient – again this is not required.


Online Application Made Easy

MedScriptter is an online medical marijuana prescription service. Applying for your prescription can be completed in minutes from your home computer or any mobile device.  Once you’ve completed the application form, MedScriptter provides you with a link to schedule your online consultation with their medical team.  This consultation is a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have and provides you with a deeper understanding of what you can expect moving forward.  You should also know that MedScriptter is available across Canada and you can complete the process anytime day or night.

It seems too easy right?  It’s exactly what they were going for. Over the course of 40 years watching friends and family struggle to access medical cannabis they began their quest to untangle conflicting regulations and misinformation. Today, applying for medical cannabis online is a more discreet and convenient route for Canadians.  There’s even an app for it!


MedScriptter Online Application Process for Medical Marijuana

Step 1

Fill out application form online or by downloading the MedScriptter app

Step 2

Schedule and attend consultation with medical practitioner

Step 3

Order you medical cannabis online from your preferred licensed producer


Where Can You Buy Medical Cannabis Online?

There are numerous LP’s (licensed producers) available across Canada that offer medical marijuana for purchase online.  Health Canada regulates their production facilities, regular testing and safety requirements. MedScriptter works with industry leaders who offer a variety of strains, compound ratios and auxiliary products that best support medical cannabis therapies. While legalization of recreational marijuana has muddied the waters about how Canadians can get cannabis – medical marijuana differs significantly from recreational products.

Also, as a medical cannabis patient, you will be registered with your LP to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment as outlined in your prescription.  Some clinics will advise you to mail your paperwork to your LP, but it’s another unnecessary step with MedScriptter as they do it for you after you’ve been approved.  It’s important to know that you can transfer your medical marijuana prescription to an alternate LP if you want to explore other therapy variations.  Obviously, maintaining a history with an LP can be beneficial as your order history will indicate what has worked the best for your specific health requirements.


Once you have chosen your preferred LP, ordering your medical cannabis online is as simple as any other online shopping you do.  Because MedScriptter registers your paperwork on your behalf – your LP will have all the information they need to help you find the best medicinal marijuana products and delivery methods.  After you have placed your order and made your delivery selection, you will be asked for payment.  MedScriptter is a free service provider – payment should never be requested for health care consultation in Canada. Remember to keep your receipts from your LP – medical cannabis purchases qualify as a tax deduction.

It’s very easy for Canadians to apply for and order medical cannabis online.  As it should be.  Canada is showing the world that this plant should be available for numerous applications whether it’s medical cannabis, industrial hemp or recreational legalization.  We are forward thinking citizens who demand the freedom to explore natural remedies while leaving the myths of the past behind.



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