About us

Nature had 3 billion years to perfect plants. Our goal is to make one plant, marijuana, more accessible for all Canadians. We are not perfect but that’s where success comes from. After years witnessing friend’s failed attempts to access medical cannabis due to legalities and availability, we knew there had to be a better path.

Canada is the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. With legalization achieved, the only remaining obstacle was access. We knew if we could solve that problem then our friends could feel better. We combined over 70 years of experience to build MedScriptter and we rely on the expertise of our research, technology and medical teams.

So while our journey creating MedScriptter wasn’t easy – it was worth it. Our team is proud of the service we provide.

Welcome to a much simpler and comfortable cannabis experience.


What we built

MedScriptter is Canada’s central online medical cannabis/medical marijuana prescription service. Our approval process is quick, easy and confidential.

Telemedicine is the innovative platform delivering online consultations to receive your medical marijuana prescriptions. You don’t have to go see a doctor or go to a canna clinic. You don’t even need to go to a dispensary. With our app, you can do the whole process from your home computer or from any mobile device.

medical marijuana

MedScriptter puts access to world class health professionals at your fingertips free of charge. Our nurse practitioners will help you navigate a variety of symptom specific CBD THC varieties and are specialized in strain-specific remedies.

MedScriptter is easy to use, fast and private. At MedScriptter, we ensure the highest level of service and confidentiality. Our security standards are PIPEDA compliant, as are our partners. Your information is protected by the same network platforms that govern physical medical marijuana clinics. And if you register with our one of our preferred licensed producers then your medical cannabis treatment will be discreetly shipped wherever you choose.

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Who we work with

Our Licensed Producer partners offer a variety of flower and medical cannabis oil based remedies for you to try. Our preferred LP’s operate under strict standards of security, cleanliness and precise testing to ensure the product you receive meets your therapy needs.

Our consultation team is highly specialized in medicinal marijuana. It can be overwhelming for patients to understand the abundance of information that exists on various cannabis based therapies. Our nurse practitioners have access to the most reliable sources of scientific research on THC and CBD treatments nationwide.

When you combine the standardized testing and packaging of a dependable licensed producer with the knowledge of our medical practitioners you get an impressive result.


Medical cannabis therapy is available in Canada and the time has come for you to discover the benefits. Elevate your health with MedScriptter.

Thank you for entrusting us with your journey to better health and wellness.

Begin your application for medical marijuana today. Download Medscriptter