Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada

24-hour cannabis dispensaries in Canada and online medical cannabis prescription services


Once you’re approved for your medical cannabis prescription, our medical practitioners can help you register with one of our preferred Licensed Producers. You will not be asked for payment from MedScriptter – our service is entirely free of charge and you will only submit payment to the online medical cannabis dispensary once your prescription is filled and confirmed for delivery. Our preferred online canna dispensaries operate under the same PIPEDA regulations that Medscriptter upholds – protecting you and your information every step of the way.

While medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada operate within hours that coincide with the regulations set-out by local and federal mandate, online canna dispensaries are accessible 24 hours a day resulting in faster and more discrete service. By using the Medscriptter online platform patients can request assistance at any time, all information is protected throughout the process and you have the freedom to fill your prescription day or night.

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Our Licensed Producer partners have extensive online cannabis dispensaries where you can browse various cannabis strains and products. Our LP’s are authorized by Health Canada to grow medical grade marijuana and they operate under strict regulations ensuring that products meet strict ACMPR regulations. Regular mandatory testing also ensures that the quality of your medical cannabis meets the highest quality standards and holds consistent ratios of CBD and THC. With your Medscriptter medical cannabis prescription in-hand, you have the freedom to place your order with these LP’s any time. There are no physical 24-hour marijuana dispensaries in Canada that can offer this service.