Medical Marijuana Clinics in Canada

24-hour Canadian medical marijuana clinics and online medical cannabis prescription services


Medscriptter is Canada’s premium virtual medical marijuana prescription service. Our service is confidential, easy and fast. You choose when to begin and complete your medical cannabis application. Once submitted, you also choose when to speak with our practitioners via online conference. You don’t need to take time from work or family and if you’re one of thousands of Canadians who suffer from a condition that restricts your mobility, then Medscriptter offers you the access you need.

When you consult with our team, you will have every opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns. Our medical practitioners are trained in recognizing symptoms and illnesses that can specifically benefit from medicinal cannabis therapy. If you need assistance, they can also make helpful recommendations for you once your prescription is authorized or you may prefer to navigate the many products our LP’s offer on your own. Like all healthcare in Canada – there is no charge to apply or speak with our team. You will only be asked to commit payment once you fill your prescription with one of our Licensed Producers. Unlike cannabis dispensaries and canna clinics, our service is available 24 hours a day.

Our medical marijuana online prescription process is easy for you to navigate any time of day.

Begin your application for medical marijuana today. Download Medscriptter

Using Medscriptter will allow you to complete your health questionnaire in the privacy of your own home. You decide when is the most convenient time and place. You do not need your doctor’s referral to begin the application process nor will your doctor be required to approve your prescription. Our service is completed by us and we walk you through every step of the way.

Canna clinics across Canada are experiencing long delays booking medical marijuana patients. Wait times to book appointments and have your prescription approved can take up to 3 weeks. The Medscriptter team will advise you within minutes of your approval of how quickly you will receive your medical marijuana prescription. Medscriptter is available across Canada and our team is ready to help you now.