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How Does it Work

MedScriptter is Canada’s central online medical cannabis/medical marijuana prescription service. Our approval process is quick, easy and confidential. No referral necessary.

Get medical marijuana and medical cannabis in Canada, in three simple and easy steps from your No.1 online canna clinic, MedScriptter.

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Simply complete our health form online to qualify for marijuana pre-assessment.


Consult with our medical cannabis practitioners from the comfort of your own home or from any mobile device.


Receive your medical cannabis prescription and get connected with a licensed producer within minutes of your approval.

Where Are We?

MedScriptter is a Canada-wide Canna Clinic

Recreational vs. Medical Marijuana

Roughly 4.7 million Canadians use marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes. Cannabis shortages have been reported across the country and are anticipated to worsen during 2019. With better margins servicing consumers directly, we predict that most LPs will reserve their considerably higher-grade products for their “buy direct” medical patients.

Everyone comes to this decision differently and with different expectations.

There are a few significant differences to consider before making your decision.

Tax Deductions

When you have a prescription for medical marijuana your medication purchases are tax deductible. Marijuana purchased for recreational use is not.


Medical cannabis is not only safer for you to consume but it also ensures the safety of the people who work in the industry. Regulations imposed through the Cannabis Act ensure mandatory product testing and compliance.


Medical marijuana patients order their marijuana directly from LP’s avoiding unnecessary delays in Government protocol. Less delays mean substantially fresher product.

THC / CBD Balance

Our authorized LP’s have been producing numerous strains of medical marijuana for over 20 years – further refining your prescription options to address specific symptoms and amplify health benefits.


As a medical marijuana patient you can travel domestically with up to 30 times your daily limit to a maximum of 150g. While a recreational marijuana user may only travel with a maximum of 30g.

Private & Accessible

Medical Marijuana patients need not visit canna clinics, dispensaries or a doctor’s office – everything can be done from the privacy of your own home.

Speak with our medical practitioner about your symptoms

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert

    Our team specializes in online medical marijuana prescriptions and medical cannabis health benefits. We want you to become experts too.

  • Easy

    Our simple online approval process takes minutes to complete. No doctor referral necessary.

  • Local

    We know Canadian cannabis inside and out. Our medical practitioners will guide you through a variety of strain specific therapy options developed by our LP partners.

  • Legal

    We are compliant with the Cannabis Act and the revised ACMPR. Our prescriptions for medical marijuana qualify your treatment as tax deductible.

  • 150 Appointments Daily

    No canna clinic visits. No trips to the cannabis dispensary. Book your online consultation at your convenience. Register with our Licensed Producers to have your prescription filled and delivered confidentially.

  • Protected

    Medical marijuana is sourced from reliable LP’s in safe, clean and secure environments. Our medical cannabis prescriptions are approved by authorized practitioners and our online platform protects you under PIPEDA.

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Have questions?

Is Cannabis Use Legal in Canada?

Yes! Cannabis use is legal in Canada.  While legalization for recreational use just went into effect in October of 2018, medical marijuana use has been legalized in a variety of stages and methods since 2001.  

Am I Eligible to Receive Medical Cannabis for my Condition?

Medical Marijuana can be used to treat numerous illnesses, diseases and symptoms.  People are getting approved daily for conditions as simple as having some trouble sleeping all the way to helping with pain. For a complete list of conditions that qualify you for medicinal marijuana please read Medical Cannabis. If you’re not sure if your condition qualifies you for a medical marijuana prescription – you can ask our medical practitioner online or over the phone.

Who Can Download and Use MedScriptter?

Anyone who has a mobile device can download the Medscriptter App from Google Play or the App Store.  You can also use Medscriptter using your computer or laptop.

How Does MedScriptter Work?

Medscriptter is your online canna clinic.  Instead of getting a doctor’s referral, booking an appointment at a clinic, filling out paperwork, waiting for your approval, registering with licensed producers and waiting for everything to clear – We do everything for you.  

By answering a few questions and consulting online with our medical practitioner – the entire process can be completed in minutes and is built to suit your schedule.  Our team of professionals and online platform is specialized to get you the medicine you need efficiently.

What are the Costs?

There are NO costs for you to use Medscriptter.  Like all healthcare in Canada – you should never be charged to consult with medical practitioners for necessary care.  You can download the Medscriptter app for free or if you prefer – you can use our web services entirely free of charge.  Once your prescription is approved and we’ve prepared all your documents, the only payment you’ll make is to the licensed producer once you’ve ordered your medical marijuana.

*Remember that your medicinal marijuana is tax deductible.

Ethan S. Regina Saskatchewan

“Honestly I didn’t think I’d qualify for a medical marijuana prescription but I wanted to try for the tax deduction. To my surprise, my consultant noted some odd symptoms that my doctor had sortof dismissed. She asked if I had ever been tested for Arthritis. I qualified because of digestion issues but further follow-up with my GP confirmed a diagnosis for Arthritis. Today my prescription helps me eat and move – pretty impressive!”

Muhammad R. Vancouver B.C.

“My medical cannabis prescription was coming up for renewal but with my MS I have a hard time getting to and from the doctor’s office, the waiting and having to go fill it at a canna clinic. So I tried Medscriptter and am so thankful I did. I’ve been using medical marijuana since it was first legal in 2001 and this is the easiest way to get my medicine.”

Liam J. Calgary, Alberta

“I’ve been a weed smoker for over 10 years. I travel regularly for work which throws off my sleep schedule. Weed helps me sleep better and deal with the anxiety. I was tired of buying pot on the street, I never knew what I was getting. After downloading the Medscriptter app I qualified for a marijuana prescription and today I sleep better than ever.”

Imani P. Aurora, Ontario

“I suffer from Lupus and Hypothyroidism. Pharmaceuticals complicated my symptoms and further compromised my immune system. I began CBD oil therapy about 2 years ago and I’m healthier than ever. I love that Medscriptter helps me review treatment regularly.”

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